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Kwaku Overcame ACL Pain & Is Now Back To Doing The Things He Loves!

"I had surgery to repair my torn ACL on my left knee. Two weeks after my surgery I came in to see Chris. Upon assessment he realized the area around my knee atrophied so the work to get me back to normal needed to begin ASAP. Throughout the process, I felt that although he had other clients, my treatment plan was tailored for me. Based on my background in sports, he tailored my treatment plan so that my progress was gradual but challenging. I never felt overwhelmed. As I was getting closer to recooperation, we started going outside to perform running drills. The hardest thing for me became trusting my knee to handle the challenge so I would move unnaturally or hold back. It seemed like Chris knew my knee’s capabilities better than I did. He was encouraging, and worked at my pace. He incorporated drills so I would feel more comfortable to gain the confidence to test my limits so that I can progress to my normal activity level.For me this made all the difference in the healing process because he didn’t just help me overcome my physical crutch, but also my mental crutch. He has a holistic approach to healing allowing him to go above and beyond. Couldn’t have asked for a better physical therapist."

Gregory Slack Overcame Soft Tissue Suergry And Is Running Again!

"I am an aging athlete in my late 40’s and have been able to deal with most soft-tissue injuries on my own. Well, after left hip arthroscopy to repair a torn labrum, bone spur and arthritis, I knew I needed rehab. About 1 month after surgery, I hobbled in on crutches to see Chris Smith. I was a bit skeptical at first... but have to say, I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results. Chris took his time with me over the next 2 months, balancing my aspiration for a speedy recovery with the patience required to slowly restore my mobility and strength without compromising the surgical repair.Chris was instrumental in my recovery process – continuously challenging me with new exercises at every therapy session – eventually enabling me to return to running and other athletic activities. I would recommend Chris without hesitation for other rehabilitation needs."

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